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Progress monitor (or progress bar) within a MATLAB parfor loop

In MATLAB, it is really easy to do parallel processing of trivially parallelizable problems with a parfor loop. I do it all the time. It's great. A problem with this is that, if you need to parallelize something in the first place, it's typically something that takes a really long time to run. Some type of progress monitor is normally easier to make, but because parfor does not iterate in order and the workers cannot communicate with one another, it's a little tricky to do in the parallel case.


Retrospective bioinformatics: the feasibility overlapping genetic codes

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In 1957, we knew what DNA was. We were pretty sure that proteins were determined by sequences of DNA. But we didn't know exactly how this happened. In other words, the genetic code was still a mystery back then. This was a particularly perplexing problem, because a very simple question could be stated with no obvious answer: How does a language (DNA sequences) with four letters (the nucleotides A, C, G, and T) get translated into a language (protein sequences) with twenty letters (amino acids)... and furthermore, is there some higher purpose to having these two different alphabets?


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