Online home of Jeremy Scheff


Big Online Projects

Basketball GM - Basketball simulation video game. It's written entirely in client-side JavaScript and you can play it right in your web browser.

Avatic - Various web stuff I made before starting grad school. Largely defunct or abandoned.

Mini Online Projects

CSV SQL Live - Run SQL queries on CSV files in your web browser.

SAS7BDAT Web Viewer - Open SAS files in your web browser. Because you always wanted to do that, right?

Screw - Alter the pitch and tempo of MP3s.

fakeIndexedDB - A pure JS in-memory implementation of the IndexedDB API.

Vote and Die - Are you more likely to cast a meaningful vote or die in an accident on your way to the polling both? Find out!

Flockas - No description would suffice.

Barbarian Conquest - Minigame built on a partial web-based port of Civilization 4. I built this mainly to play around with TypeScript, but it's not horrible.

faces.js - A JavaScript library that generates and displays cartoon faces as SVGs, somewhat reminiscent of how the Nintendo Wii generates random Miis. I wrote it for Basketball GM, probably nobody else uses it.

Interactive HRV Figures - Reproduce results from one of my papers in your web browser.

Academic Research Projects

  1. Scheff JD, Stallings JD, Reifman J, Rakesh V: Mathematical modeling of the heat-shock response in HeLa cells. Biophys J 2015, 109(2):182-193.
    PMID: 26200855 | doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2015.06.027 | Paper (PDF)

  2. Scheff JD, Griffel B, Corbett SA, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP: On heart rate variability and autonomic activity in homeostasis and in systemic inflammation. Math Biosc 2014, 252:36-44.
    PMID: 24680646 | doi:10.1016/j.mbs.2014.03.010 | Paper (PDF)

  3. Scheff JD, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP: Predicting critical transitions in a model of systemic inflammation. J Theor Biol 2013, 7(338):9-15.
    PMID: 23973206 | doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2013.08.011

  4. Scheff JD, Mavroudis PD, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP: Translational applications of evaluating physiologic variability in human endotoxemia. J Clin Monit Comput 2013, 27(4):405-415.
    PMID: 23203205 | doi:10.1007/s10877-012-9418-1

  5. Scheff JD, Mavroudis PD, Foteinou PT, An G, Calvano SE, Doyle J, Dick TE, Lowry SF, Vodovotz Y, Androulakis IP: A multiscale modeling approach to inflammation: A case study in human endotoxemia. J Comp Phys 2013, 244(4):279-289.
    doi:10.1016/j.jcp.2012.09.024 | Postprint (PDF)

  6. Scheff JD, Mavroudis PD, Foteinou PT, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP: Modeling physiologic vari- ability in human endotoxemia. Crit Rev Biomed Eng 2012, 40(4):313-322.
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  7. Mavroudis PD, Scheff JD, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP: Systems biology of circadian-immune interactions. J Innate Immun, in press.
    PMID: 23006670 | doi:10.1159/000342427 | Postprint (PDF)

  8. Dick TE, Molkov YI, Nieman G, Hsieh YH, Jacono FJ, Doyle J, Scheff JD, Calvano SE, Androulakis IP, An G, Vodovotz Y: Linking inflammation, cardiorespiratory variability, and neural control in acute inflammation via computational modeling. Front Physiol 2012, 3:222.
    PMID: 22783197 | doi:10.3389/fphys.2012.00222 | Paper (PDF)

  9. Mavroudis PD, Scheff JD, Calvano SE, Lowry SF, Androulakis IP: Entrainment of peripheral clock genes by cortisol. Physiol Genomics 2012, 44(11):607-621.
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  10. Scheff JD, Calvano SE, Lowry SF, Androulakis IP: Transcriptional implications of ultradian glucocorticoid secretion, in homeostasis and in the acute stress response. Physiol Genomics 2012, 44(2):121-129.
    PMID: 22128089 | doi:10.1152/physiolgenomics.00128.2011

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  12. Scheff JD, Mavroudis PD, Calvano SE, Lowry SF, Androulakis IP: Modeling autonomic regulation of cardiac function and heart rate variability in human endotoxemia. Physiol Genomics 2011, 43(16):951-964.
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